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If you are new to email and Wants to create a new email address with good user name, Lots of free storage to use, to experience it in any device, Good user interface, send Attachments, make Voice/Video calls, Easy compose and better spam filter? If you ask me the source for this type email address then I can only redirect you to because, only a Gmail account can provide all this features.

Guys in this article I am going to explain about the Gmail sing up and its features compared to another mail providers. You might me wondering why Gmail there are so many mail platforms that’s why am going to start with its features and the we will look into Gmail sign up new account and how to use it.

Gmail Sign Up and Gmail Features

Those who have multiple mail accounts in many platforms can observe the difference between Gmail and rest of them. Gmail gives better spam protection compared to others and never blocks the mails that you require. Do you know how it does it? It acquires the information from the millions of inbox that the user reports particular message as spam then system quickly learns to start blocking similar messages.

Gmail also provides ease and comfortable user interface in mobile version, where you can search for mails quickly. It also provides Real-time notifications so you don’t miss important information and also provides switchable labels to move between multiple accounts. It is very easy and simple to use across the devices, wherever you are.

Experience Gmail on any devices like Smart phones, Tablets, iPad, iPod touch, Notepads and more. If you are looking to find email, Search box will helps to find emails quickly. We can switch to multiple accounts and labels. Gmail app is available for both Android and iOS. You can download it from their respective app stores.

Another important feature that differentiates Gmail from others is organizing mails which makes easy to differentiate between all clumsy mails you got. Gmail has Primary tab for all personal mails, Social tab for all your mail form social networks, Promotional tab for all promotional ads that you get.

Gmail also provides different themes so that you can choose your mail environment according to your taste. You can also do Video call with up to 10 friends with Hangouts in Gmail.

You can view you attachments like images, office files, pdf documents etc. of your mails instantly in browser without downloading it which is wonderful feature Gmail provides but not many mail platforms.

Gmail provides 15 GB free memory for storing your all stuff which is a rare feature that any platform provides. Here you can store all your stuff in cloud.
Another advantage of mail account is with this one account in Google you can access multiple features like Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Drive, and Maps etc.
So let’s get started with creating your Google account…..

Create New Gmail Account

Go to the link
There you can see Gmail sign up form where you need to fill all your stuff to creating it.


  • First name where you have to enter your first name in the last name you have to enter last name these are necessary fields that you must enter.
  • In the next field you will find Choose username field there you have to enter username that you want to use for accessing your account. Remember your username must contain only alphabets, numeric, and period only no special characters. You have to remember this username this what you are going to use while login. Your email id would be
  • Next two fields would be password and confirm password would be very important these should be unique and you have to keep it secret. This is like a key to your username lock. So you should come up with some kind of tricky password which is not obvious like your name or phone number, the longer your password the stronger it is.
  • Next field would be your date of birth you need to provide these details because security purposes.
  • Next field would be Gender you should mention your gender. It is also necessary field so you need to enter.
  • Next field would be your phone number which is optional feed but if you provide one it is use full when you forgot your password.
  • Next feed would be your current mail id this is also optional field. You can enter if have another mail id. This is also useful when you have forgotten your password.
  • Next step is you have to prove that you are not a robot for that you need to enter the exact letters that will appear in the image given. You can skip this but it’s good if you enter.
  • Next location Google automatically do this for you. You can also edit if you want.
  • Next you have to check the radio button on I agree on Google terms, you can also read them if you are curious about the terms you have to agree before. Don’t worry these are not threaten you can agree without reading them.
  • Next you have to press on Next Button which will lead you to next page where you have to enter your phone number to conformation. You can by selecting text message mode or voice call mode where you will get code and you have enter it for conformation.

Conclusion on Gmail Sign Up/Sign In: This is the end to this long article on sign in/ Login. And complete instructions on Gmail Account Sign Up/Sign In. I hope you have done as I said and got Gmail account the best email service in the internet with awesome features.

Note that a single Gmail account enables us to do lots of things with Google. A single username and password gets you into the world of Google. What are you waiting for create best, fast and secure email service in the internet. Access other Google products with Gmail such as Google Drive, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Plus, Maps, Webmasters, Analytics, AdSense, Blogger, Hangouts and more.

Gmail Sign up to Create New Account | Login
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